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Can anyone suggest a good CD of Christmas Songs for children that has the words printed with it? Or has anyone got their own list of Christmas songs that they sing regularly with the children that they wouldn't mind sharing....preferably with the words too?!? The staff at the nursery I support want some prompts to remind them of different songs that they could be singing at circle time and I just wondered if anyone out there has got something ........


Many many thanks in advance :):):)

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We tend to use CDs and songs linked to our productions - usually from 'Out of the Ark' company.

Here's some nice ones on a site:


http://www.links2love.com/christmas_songs.htm ( would not advise for use on IWB without checking page you want first - a bit shocked just seen info on French kissing on one section!!)




(Phew! seem safe!)

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The books come with a CD. Each song is played through twice, once with the words and once without-helpful if you have no musicians in the setting.


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Does anybody know the words for the song


First line...... Guess whos coming on Christmas night

with a red red coat and hair all white

eyes that sparkle like a a stary night

I know dont you


Unsure of the rest.


Also stuck on the words for a song On that dusty road little donkey clip clop clip clip clop,

Mary on your back little donkey clip clip clop


Thanks in antisipation

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