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Hi have to do a Reception class assembly for parents and school and our topic is toys. I would really appreciate any ideas as my mind has gone blank. I would like to have a story do some acting and singing. Any suggestions would be great.

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Hi Maz,


i remember the school i used to work in doing something similar. One song i remember was wrote to the tune of Old Macdonald, something like



The toy shop owner had some toys, e i e i o,

and in that shop he had some .....................

e i e i o


with a .... here etc


i can only remember children dressed up as robots, marching around the floor, and dolls, but know there were more. I suppose you could use any toys that would be easy to make costumes, masks for.


Hope this helps and i'm sure you will get lots of other wonderful ideas


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I once did one on toys many years ago can't remember it precisely - did lots of songs such as Miss Polly had a dolly, teddy bear songs. Children held up favourite toy and said my favourite toy is..... Ended the assembly with Julie Andrews 'Favourite things' -it was very short and sweet but the parents loved it

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