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Hi all,


I am new to the foundation stage (now a Reception teacher coming from Year 3!)


Firstly - what a God send this site is. I thought I was losing the plot the first few weeks, trying to get my head around profiles and a new curriculum etc. I am really enjoying it now though! It was such a relief finding out other people feel the same.


Secondly - I could do with some help finding resources. My year group partner and I are trying to put together some workbooks for able (A&T) reception children. We are scratting around trying to find bits and bobs to extend them, but most KS1 aimed stuff is a bit too much of a jump. We could do with some word level (HF words) and numeracy stuff, but I don't know where to look!


Hope you can help me :o



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Hi Annie and welcome! Glad youve found us.


Worksheets can be a bit of a swear word to some of us! Can you extend your children with more structured games, encouraging them to play without adult support?

A & C Black have some good printed resources for literacy and numeracy, designed as worksheets but which could be adapted as games.

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Hi again,


We are looking for stuff to send home rather than classroom use. Some of the parents are eager to support their children at home. Worksheet is a swearword at our place too, but we are allowed to use paper to encourage our able and talented!


Thanks for the A & C black link.




Annie :D

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work sheets :o sheets ... pah


Yeah we send things home too... I always make a point of meeting with parents of more able children to explain how they can be stretched. Then in school, make sure they are extended through games and play... having them teach others is always a good one too... it's a great way to learn, having them explain to other children!


I always make sure that both more able and less able are withdrawn a couple of times a week too (usually in phonics sessions) to make sure they have work pitched more at their level... through this we have a group of children this year who know alot of their blends already and are going to be starting using them in their writing in the next few weeks :D


Just make sure you take every child from where they are... and everyone will be happy :)

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