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Hope you can help. I have a friend who has just phoned in a state of panic she has just moved house (at the weekend), no internet and has just been phoned (8pm) to say she has an interview on Thursday where she has to teach a 20minute phonic session linked to the sound 'ar'. I said I'd pick the brains of those wonderful people on the forum and get back to her tomorrow evening.


I have suggested she does a simple sound descrimination activity like guess whose speaking to warm up, but wasn't quite sure what to suggest for the specific sound.


Can you help? Pretty Please!!





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I would start with the Jolly phonic action, encouraging the children to say the sound. Then ask the chlldren to sky write 'ar' in the air with their fingers.


She could collect some objects/print pictures of objects that have the 'ar' sound in them e.g. shark, park, dark, bar, car, cart and put them in a feely bag. Model taking an object out of the bag and writing the sounds in the word onto a blank phoneme frame, discussing how 'ar' has two letters but only makes one sound so both go in the same box. Repeat several times asking children to reread and blend each word.


For a practical activity the children could have whiteboards or blank phoneme frames and write the other 'ar' words.


Or you could play 'cross the river' giving children objects (including some with the 'ar' sound) to hold. Call out words in a segmented way e.g. c-a-r and ask children to blend. Child holding that object can then cross the river.


If your friend has a copy of Shark in the Park by Usborne she could finish by showing the children how they can apply their new skill when reading.


Hope some of this is useful,



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Here's another idea -you could have an 'ar' car and some coloured boxes as garages or if no boxes could make/draw car park spaces with whatever available-stick a word on each 'garage' or car park space, some could be 'ar' words and maybe some not then children could try and park the car in the appropriate 'ar' garage/space, reinforcing the fact that the 'car' can only park in the 'ar' word spaces

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