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Hi all

I've been asked today by my supervisor to look into celebration food taking all cultures into account we have just done divali and ede. Has any one done this before and any know any good good web-links.



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Here are some 'food' web pages that might help










There's also lots of info on Forum about 'Handa's surprise' if that's any use to you

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If its any help here are the Jewish ones

Chanukah - Potato latkes (pancakes) and doughnuts - December

Tu B'Shevat - New Year for Trees- different fruits, fruit salad with 15 different types of fruit - February

Purim - Hamentaschen - triangular poppy seed filled pastry - March

Passover - matzos(water biscuits), charoses (cinammon, wine, grated apple and nuts), - April

Pentecost - cheese cake, cheese pancakes - May

New Year - apple dipped in honey, unusual fruits, honey cake, tzimmes - a sweet carrot dish - September

Tabernacles - stuffed cabbage - September

Sabbath - braided rich white bread decorated with poppy seeds, called challohs, wine,chicken, chicken soupwith knaidlach (matzoh balls) or lockshen Friday night, Saturday lunch a meaty bean stew called chulent - each week

Any Jewish cookery book would have all this and more with explanations.

Hope this helps,


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