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Christmas Inspiration For Year1 Needed!


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Hi all,

I need some suggestions as to what we could do as a 'performance' for the parents to watch at christmas!

Reception are going to do Whoopsa Daisy Angel and they have someone to play the piano for them, unfortunately we have no one who is even the teeniest bit musical in year 1 and so we have to rely on tapes CD's etc for our backing!


We have about 96 children altogether and I'd like to do something a bit more than just sing carols and I'd like to involve as many of the children as we can but as to what we can do I don't have a clue!!


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we are in the same situation having no pianist. We are doing 'Mary's Knitting'

a new christmas musical from out of the ark that come with backing tracks.

They have a few that are aimed for 3-6 year olds and they tend to be very easy to learn and about 25 -30 mins long.

In the past we have done - its a party, humph the camel and are we nearly there yet.

the ones by nikki davies are the easiest to learn.

You can order them online and they dont take long to come.


Good luck!



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We've used plays from mew music lovely songs (on CD) a little bit of humour and we tend to break down the characters so each child has one line to say ie) we end up with 25 narrators and 12 shepherds!! the children love the songs we have also used their easter production, there is a range of traditional nativity and christmas shows, i hope the link below works


Mew Music

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We once did a Christmas play based around 'The Jolly Christmas Postman' once which was good. Each class chipped in at various points in story linking to the storyline - some did poems, others did songs or dances

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