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Hi, we were hoping this term to make clay tea light holders, linked into our topic and diwali, but can't now as Year 1 are doing them already. Does anyone have any other good ideas for clay model ideas for reception, our topic is light and colour.



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Well the sky's your limit really. Lot of it depends on you having a kiln or not.

If you have a kiln you can biscuit fire the original piece of art work and then explore the glazes and the fact that the glazes go on one colour but when they get fired again they become a completely different colour and are shiny enough to reflect light!

I like making a tile shape and allowing the children to make marks on the clay surface using pasta, forks etc all the usual clay tools. They can also make the usual thumb pots, coil pots etc.

I went on a very good course a few years back now as art co-ordinator which covered clay, have attached the notes, which apply to all primary but can be adapted for FStage, only my little scribbled diagrams are missing. have fun!

Liz x


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