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Guest janeling

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Guest janeling

Hi all, first post from me as only recently discovered this forum. Think it's fab!


I need some inspired warm ups for P.E with Reception. Usual is bean game (e.g chilli bean, runner bean) or traffic lights.


Any ideas?? :o



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I sometimes play hills and hollows - lay out lots of those small, fairly flat cones - some the right way (hills) and some upside down (hollows). Split the class in two and challenge half to turn all of the cones upside down (the hollows team) and the rest to turn them the right way up (hills team). Good fun and it gets them moving.


Rabbit holes - give each child a cone or marker to act as their 'hole'. Ask them to move around the hall in different ways and then return to their hole when they hear a shaker etc.


I have also used a couple of Sticky Kids and Tumble Tots cds songs as a warm up.



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Welcome to the forum janeling :D

Not very inspiring, but I sometimes put small hoops round the hall (1 per child) and get the children to move around and between them in different ways. When I clap my hands they have to return to the hoop they started from. It's good for seeing who is listening and who has good spatial awareness. I'm sure there will be more suggestions along soon...


Oh, looks like my post crossed with yours, Sunflower. From now on I'm calling it rabbit holes too!!!

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One we use from the Durham scheme which the children absolutely love 'can we do it again', though my nursery nurse tends to choose to use this time to do gross motor observations here!!

I think in the Durham scheme it's a warm up for dance sessions, but it's excellent for getting children to tell you about changes to their bodies (puffed out, heart beating fast, feeling hot etc)


I downloaded Portsmouth (think it's Mike Oldfield) from the Internet - movements done to this.

16 counts of a ski-ing movement (arms holding sticks, knees bending),

16 count jumping,

16 counts jogging on the spot,

16 counts skipping through all the spaces.

This repeats twice more.


If children do it properly, it really does get them warmed up.


PS - Welcome to the site,


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Hi and welcome.

I'm going to delete your duplicate post!


Have you seen the Tops Play/Start stuff they have some warm up ideas on their cards---believe they are based on the Val Sabin scheme?


I always do a range of movement on the spot and travelling and then "The Grand Old Duke of York", use the other activities within the session and call my hoops, islands on which we become shipwrecked! Sometimes take one away too and play like musical chairs but children do need to be able to stop in any hoop for that.

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Hi Jane,

Welcome to the Forum :)

I've based a lot of my movement sessions on the "Action Kids" scheme by Val Sabin, as Susan has mentioned above. It's great!


She talks about doing a certain movement in a variety of ways, eg. if you're walking (or skipping, hopping, etc etc) to warm up , you could do them high/low, slow/quick, stamping/fairy steps, etc.


When she talks about warm-ups, she asks things like where with whom will it be performed, eg on the spot (kneeling, standing in a circle or a line), or on the move (free-flow, in a circle, in a line with an adult lead)


Once I'd got this idea of using a simple movement, and then doing it in a variety of ways, I found the warm-ups were easier to make-up :D

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Guest janeling

Thank you to you all (and for removing the duplicate).


I will give some a go on Thursday and let you know how I get on.


I must get into the hang of this...I see you all have pictures and stuff. I'm a little envious!



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