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Cauldren Story/rhyme


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Hi Andreamay

I will be doing a chant to make soup, good for getting children to hear pulse too. It goes:>


chop,chop,chopitty, chop

chop off the bottom

and chop off the top

what there is left we can put in the pot

chop chop chopitty chop


As you say the words you tap one hand sideways on (as if using it to chop) onto the other palm which is face up. at the end they slide the hand down the other as if sliding ingredients in to the pot.

between saying the rhyme the children take it in turns to think of things to put in cauldon etc - my class loved it.


hope this is of some use!?



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I know this one if it's any use to you..it is the tune of Baa Baa Black sheep with actions:


Witch's cauldron (cup both hands together)

Here's the witch's hat (place hands in triangular shape on head)

Witch's broomstick (straight hands together ?)

Witch's cat (place both sets fingers either side of mouth as whiskers)

Fly over here (fly hands in one direction)

Fly over there (as above-other direction)

Wham bam alakazam (one big clap after each word)

Now you disappear (children curl up to 'disappear')


Just had a brainwave...How about adapting Polly put the kettle on? e.g. Jamie put the cauldron on ? could change the last line too (we'll all make spells ?)

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