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Ring Game Ideas Needed!


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I have searched other forums for ring game ideas and there are quite a few but i was wondering if anyone knew any that were linked to the topic of 'people who help us'? Bit limited I know!

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The Farmer's in the den..... could be adapted - the fireman's in his truck... the fireman needs a hose, the hose needs some water???


We do one to tune of In and out the dusty bluebells...

Hurry hurry drive the firetruck X3 ding ding ding ding ding

Hurry hurry climb the ladder X3 ding ding....

Hurry hurry squirt the water X3 ding ding....


Can't think of any more at the moment sorry

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Hi, I did a ring game with the children when we did our topic, 'People Who Help Us'.


Group of children sit in a circle, one child is choosen to be a police officer and wears a Police Officer uniform or hat. He/she stands in one area of the room, another child is choosen to be a lost child, he/she hides somewhere within the room. The group of children sitting in a circle then chant together, police officer, police officer, please help me find ....... name the child. The game continues with the children taking turns at being the lost child or the police officer.



Hope this helps.


Rosepetal :)

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Do you have 'This Little Puffin' book by Elizabeth Matterson? On p.167 is the following rhyme:


(Patrick) was a postman,

A postman, a postman;

Patrick was a postman

All day long.


He posted all the letters,

The letters, the letters:

He posted all the letters

Yes that is what he did.


you can go round the children and they can choose what they want to be.


There is some music to it as well.

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