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Hi Everyone,


I need your advice yet again!


As some of you probably know I work in an FSU- its lovely but we only have 1 teacher for YR and currently have 43 children in YR- too many to have a meaningful carpet time session as one whole group. However, I am lucky to have 2 very experienced NNs working with me so it is really not so much of a problem.


We have organised the children into 3 key worker groups for carpet times which is working really well but I have not got 3 copies of each big book, usually only one, that we want to focus on and we only have 2 carpet sessions a day to fit in Shared reading/ writing and MD.


I am therefore struggling to fit in shared reading for each group everyday- has anyone got any suggestions? Do we still have to do shared reading/ writing everyday? Do we still have to focus on one book/ theme for the book or do you think 2 days on one book is enough?


Thanks for your help/ advice, caroline

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Hi cazza, I think you can only do the best you can in the circumstances. Dont beat yourself up over trying to do everything every day but try and get a balance over a week or even a 2 weekly period. A little bit done well has to be better than a lot done badly doesnt it?

I would say that you need to somehow offer phonics daily though but that could be just a recap of the sounds.

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Hi Caroline


The advice I was given some time ago by our literacy advisor was that shared reading need not be the same book for a week (something on a similar theme0)or even a book it could be posters or pieces of shared writing that has been produced with the children. So maybe one group could look at the book the first day then produce a piece of shared writing the next day to be used for shared reading later in the week. If all three groups produced a piece of shared writing these could be used across the week? maybe?


The Head of St Helen's Bishop Auckland was our consultant before going back to being a head but she is always willing to help and very approachable if you wanted advice.

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