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Job Advert, Description Etc For Support For Child


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We need to advertise for someone to support a child with mobility needs and developmental delay to start in Janaury. Portage worker told us to contact Child Information Service for help on wording of advert, job description and person specification - phoned them they suggested I contact ACAS ! and are sending me a leaflet on how to write one. Portage worker on holiday as am I!!


Previously with recruitment, we have been able to contact our local YMCA who have taken us by the hand and guided us through the whole process, alas they lost their contract this year.


The last time we employed a support worker was some years ago and things have changed, and I don't want to make a mistake. So wondered if I could ask for help from people who actually do the job.


Firstly, job title. I know we are not supposed to use the term 'one to one' any more, is support worker acceptable? Does the applicant need to have a qualification? All staff will have a role to play in the care of this child.


Does anyone have job description or person specification they would be able to share?


Below is what I have done so far for an advert.


Title: Key support worker, temporary position


Organisation: xxxxxx Pre-School


Start Date: January 2007


Opening Hours: Monday to Friday etc


Hourly rate: £5.60

Hours per week: (awaiting response from portage worker)


Closing date for application:


XXXXXXXXXXXXXX Pre-School is a registered charity run by a committee, caring for children from 2 years 9 months to school age. Visits are welcome.


Duties: Key worker required to provide intimate care and support for a child, with mobility needs and developmental delay, to enable the child to enjoy and achieve within the setting. Role will include liaising with parents and staff, including SENco and Portage Worker, to ensure child's needs are met through the regular completion and implementation of individual education plan. The successful candidate will enjoy interacting with children, be able to work as a team and be flexible, friendly and reliable.


XXXXXXXXXXXX Pre-School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and expects all staff to share this commitment. The successful applicant for this post will be subject to an enhanced CRB disclosure.


Please contact for an application pack.

All contact details etc.


Many thanks


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Looks good to me, as regards your question re: should they be qualified, I would personally require experience and knowledge of the relevant documents ie: BTTM, FSC and a sound attitude towards equality of opportunity and inclusive practice. ( depends on individuals whether they have this knowledge without actually having a qualification)

It also depends on the level of how much time other staff have to support this new member of staff, I would want someone who could communicate well to all other agencies involved with the child as well as the parents, who can work on own initiative and as a team member, is able to write reports, carry out observations and evaluate them. In a sense this person would be an advocate for ensuring this childs care and educational needs are met.


sorry if reply is a bit disjointed, just thinking aloud. :o




just another thought, what does a portage workers job description look like, maybe parts of this would be useful with regards to 'wording'. :)

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Many thanks for your reply Peggy, will take your comments on board and amend the advert accordingly. Your reply didn't seem at all disjointed!


Also met someone in recruitment from our LEA last night at a meeting (so glad I forced myself out the door when there was a glass of wine on offer) who is going to phone me on Monday to offer help.


Thanks again

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your welcome, maybe when you have produced the job spec, job description and advert you'd like to share it with us, as I am sure many would find it useful in the future. :o



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