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I'm really interested in the use of Persona Dolls - do any of you use them? Do you like them? and do you have any experiences - successful or not - to share.


I really like them and I am going to work with some colleagues and share experiences of using them and wondered if any of you good people have interesting stories to tell about them - bet you do!!





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we use them all the time.Just introduces Ranuka this year because she was celebrating diwali this weekend.

keep a record of your persona with the doll cos you soon forget and the children dont.

decide what you want to use it for

we have one whos a little naughty so comes out for the children to explain the rules of the road,fireworks beig kind and sharing etc

we have one who is learning to count too so the children are enjoying showing him and enjoy it when he gets his numbers mixed up.

we also hav eone that just sits in the book corner on transition and the shy children very often make friends with her.

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