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Hi all,

Can anyone help me?


As part of my Foundation Degree in Early Years we have to compare job descriptions for people assoicated/working in Early years settings.


The setting in which I work has no job descriptions for:


Foundation Stage Co-ordinator

Key Stage One Co-ordinator

Foundation Teacher.


I would be so grateful.


Gail :)

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SENCO job description

The following may be adapted and used as a basis for a job description for the specified post. Where extra detail would be helpful, this is indicated in italics.



Responsible to: Head teacher

Job purpose: optional summary

Responsible for: optional



The duties outlined in this job description are in addition to those covered by the latest School Teachers' Pay and Conditions Document. It may be modified by the head teacher, with your agreement, to reflect or anticipate changes in the job, commensurate with the salary and job title.


Teaching and learning


Identify and adopt the most effective teaching approaches for pupils with SEN

Monitor teaching and learning activities to meet the needs of pupils with SEN

Identify and teach study skills that will develop pupils' ability to work independently

Liaise with other schools to ensure continuity of support and learning when transferring pupils with SEN

Recording and assessment


Set targets for raising achievement among pupils with SEN

Collect and interpret specialist assessment data

Set up systems for identifying, assessing and reviewing SEN

Update the head teacher and governing body on the effectiveness of provision for pupils with SEN

Develop understanding of learning needs and the importance of raising achievement among pupils

Attend consultation evenings and keep parents informed about their child's progress



Encourage all members of staff to recognise and fulfil their statutory responsibilities to pupils with SEN

Provide training opportunities for learning support assistants and other teachers to learn about SEN

Disseminate good practice in SEN across the school

Identify resources needed to meet the needs of pupils with SEN and advise the head teacher of priorities for expenditure

Standards and quality assurance


Support the aims and ethos of the school [provide detail]

Set a good example in terms of dress, punctuality and attendance

Attend and participate in open evenings and student performances

Uphold the school's behaviour code and uniform regulations

Participate in staff training

Attend team and staff meetings

Develop links with governors, LEAs and neighbouring schools

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