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Those Little Focused Times...


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I have a boy in my class this year who has global delays and has little (barely any) language. His social skills because of this are poor xD


He is happy enough in school (now) and access a lot of resources independently. I have some support for him some of which I use in the classroom during session times. But some I use for him to be withdrawn for 1-to-1 focused work.


I was just wondering if anyone had any other ideas from the norm to the kind of things I can have my TA be doing. We do very simple sound work (one letter a week), fine motor games, turn taking games, animated stories and audio tapes, cutting skills etc etc... any other fun ideas? :o


Cheers ~ Porl

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Attached is a list of things I passed onto a new TA working with a child with SEN.

There are loads of other things but my brain is in shutting down mode at present I'll get back to you with some more ideas





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Hey thanks Jo... great list of ideas thanks... :D


Anyone know of any good websites for ideas / advice with language aquistion in SEN?


I've done the usualy 'google search' but not found anything that great so far :o

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For language acquisition we use various LDA (I think) photo cards (prepositions, sequencing - from 2 sequences upwards). We have recently bought some great categorising games/cards, which is what saLTs always seem to recommend doing (Basic sorting- music instruments/farm animals/fruit etc.)

We have used 'Time To Talk' as a programme to use with a small group in reception, focussing on language and social skills. We also have 'Language steps' with recepetion children with very poor language (1-2 word phrases/information) and also with nursery children.

I use Promethean software with all children. As long as there is an adult around, they can try to extend and model the language needed with any visual pictures that we have decided (or the children choos) to focus on.

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Try some of these sites might be something useful for you:
















As for those little focused times and other classroom times:


Being able to give an instruction is a great motivation for kids. As I said in the list using a teddy or similar soft toy works brilliantly, make a set of cards depicting actions eg run, walk, sit, sleep etc and show the child the card and make the toy do the action he will soon get the hang of it and hopefully attempt some of the words eg you say ready steady .... and he may join in with 'go'.

Blowing things across the table eg tissue paper hes torn and screwed up is also good.


I find soundcards great - they depict a letter/sound and also a picture of something that makes that sounds eg 'ch' with a train and 'sh' with a baby sleeping etc.


I find lotto/matching games which are very simple great, use different shapes stuck onto card and put extra shapes into a bag, the child then picks a shape out of the bag and puts it on the right shape


We've used a home school diary and written three activities the childs done each day eg

I have played with the trains (add a drawing of a train)

I have painted a picture (add a picture of paint and paper or the real thing)

I have played with the teddy (add a picture of a teddy)

He can then take it home and look at it with parents.


If parents have a digital camera we used to ask parents to take a photo of something they have done at the weekend so he can show it during news.


Keep activities short but ensure some participation in all activities you want him to do.


Give him choices using a choice board.


If you have Pod on the computer this is brilliant for learning actions


Does he have a S+L therapist who can give you some advice?


Hope this is of some help


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