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Our topic after half term is peace at last, my mind seems to have gone blank, i have making musical instruments from junk materials and kitchen equipment( pots and pansetc), making cards saying sorry for being noisy, teddy bear head bands. Then i seem to have run out of ideas, has anybody else got any......Thanks

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What about loud and quiet sounds, identify , then make your own! Use some plastic toy elephants and a 'bathtub' to act out the story in the water tray. Could laminate some elephant pictures and count how many go in the bath and how many come out.


Make elephant masks - sponge paint grey - add a lolly stick and us to act out/have fun.


Elephant memory game. In the bath I put, a sponge, a sponge and some soap, a sponge some soap and etc etc.


Read the story and get the children to add sound effects, tape and use as a listening corner choice with the book to use too.


Play sleeping elephants - like sleeping lions for your own 5 minutes peace!


What a nice topic choice!


Just finished my 1st parents meetings, mind still on overload I think!

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Peace at Last is the teddy bear one isnt it (The elephants is Five Minutes Peace isnt it - my kids loved this when they were little) I am sure there is planning or a past thread around somewhere for a topic on teddy bears so a lot of that should fit.




What about some time stuff - Day and Night activities, sequencing, Nocturnal animals-

maybe some things about the moon, or twinkle twinkle little star


Noisy poems, sound walks - what noises can we hear in the day time? What might keep a nocturnal animal awake in the day?


Use Duplo to make a bed for a teddy.


Sounds like a great tp

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I did this story last year with my class which was an SLD/PMLD class with levels from P2-P7 in terms of English levels despite being a Y3/4 class. As with all the stories we do in class we create sensory stories which the kids love. Things included, soundtapes of the sounds they heard which could be activated by switch for those that couldn't press the buttons on the machine at the right time, we also had a switch with 'Oh no, I can't stand this' on it, so the non verbal kids could join in the repeated phrase. We had toy aeroplanes and kitchen stuff etc so we could act out parts of it. It takes quite a bit longer to read the stories but the kids are involved in all sorts of different ways. At the end I let my more able kids role play the story, leaving them with all the things set up and it was lovely as they started with the story and then took it into their own play. Perhaps you could do something like this for a more engaging story time?

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