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Assessment In A Mixed Reception Year 1 Class


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im an NQT started this sept in a special needs schools for PMLD pupils and am getting seriously stressed with it all!!


i have 3 reception aged pupils and 7 year 1's (of which 4 have come from nursery where they didnt really have a 'reception year' as such). I am planning from the FS guidance and have checked and this is appropriate given the ability of the children. I ensure that the ELG's are linked to the National Curriculum and extend learning objectives into KS1 if it is appropriate. However I am having a serious stress about assessment. Last year with the 3 year 1's that I had in the same class (as a trainee) I used the e-profile and so therefore cannot use this again. and the remaining 4 year 1's havent had the profile filled out as their nurseries used alternative assessments (b-squared - which I really like but our school wont take on). SChool uses p-levels broken down into 5 smaller statements which I find too vague. And with the remaining 3 reception pupils only 1 of them is vaguely suitable for the profile, the other 2 need alternative.


Sorry for the huge waffle but if I am not using the profile for assessment do I still need to assess every half term and should I continue with observations etc. Also if I am not assessing from the profile this causes a problem with my lesson objectives which link into the FS.


If this makes any sense to anybody and they can offer advice I'd be really grateful.





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Hi Jo, don't know if these documents will help but here goes....


http://www.standards.dfes.gov.uk/ts/docs/targetsetting.pdf (advice on target setting for SEN)


http://www.equals.co.uk/cmsclient/display.asp?id=52#bookmark ( publication-predicting p-scale scores)




There is also a past FS Forum discussion page:



Here is a mixed R/Y1 example from an LEA that might help:



(takes a while to load)



I was trying to look for the simple 'I can' targets but they seem to have been moved..will keep looking! Have you tried looking at the Birth to Three framework for those who are pre-stepping stones?

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