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I am a childminder at present but have level 7 qualifications. I have been invited (via the Transformation Fund programme) to attend the fast track validation course for the Early Years Professional Status.


My training starts this Saturday and I just wondered if anyone has already attended their first training days and what the course content is as I have no other information.



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Guest cathy m

Hi Lisa

I'm also a childminder just started on last course (via OU) to complete the foundation degree in early years.


Please let me know how you get on, as the criteria for childminders to gain EYP status seems rather vague I've heard it is necessary to be a network co-ordinator or support childminder.


good luck


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I have so far attended two training days and tomorrow go for my "needs assessment day". I manage a preschool. Some of the information says things like "if you are a childminder you will have to show how you lead and support others by networking with other childminders and professionals".


The idea is to show through evidence that you meet the 39 standards of an EYP. This you can do through the needs assessment day, the setting visit, and your documentary evidence, cross-referenced including various written tasks that you will be given.


I was very unsure before my first day, and still a bit in the dark as to what I am going to have to do, but just taking it one step at a time. Day one is familiarising yourself with the standards, day two will be preparing for needs assessment day. Not sure what days three and four will be! (I will be attending them in November).


Hope that helps a bit


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