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After my post regarding Theorists and the most interesting, I have decided to look at Maria Montessori as I have heard a lot about her work and also about her settings. I don't really know anything about Montessori settings so thought it would be an opportunity to learn about it and to pass this information on to others at college. I did consider Albert Bandura and his theory about positive role models, but the information I can find about him is somewhat limited.


Anyway, I was wondering if anybody who has worked/is working in a montessori setting could give me some information as to the way in which Montessori methods work? I would like to include personal opinion/experience in my presentation, as well as textbook and internet research.


I'm not after anything specific, just some general info would be great.


Also, I would be particuarly interested to hear from anyone who has worked in Montessori settings and then worked in a 'normal' setting (sorry, not the right wording, but not sure how to make the differentiation) and the comparisons between the two.


Thanks in advance! :)

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Many moons ago I visited a Montessori setting in the role of an Accreditation assessor. The main thing that struck me was how the children prepared our lunch, served it and then cleared away afterwards, the whole lunchtime experience lasted for approximately 2 hours ( eating time about 30 minutes). Many preschools now enable children to be involved in snack preparation etc, but this experience was about 9 years ago, Montessori ethos, I think was in the forefront of the importance of domestic skills.

One aspect of Montessori, in some settings, is the lack of imaginary role play, home corners, the children 'do it for real' with 'life skills' rather than in the imaginary sense. ( hope that makes sense). I am sure some 'trained' Montessori people will post and clarify this aspect of her curriculum in a much clearer way. xD


Good luck, I am sure you will enjoy your topic, I remember looking at her phylosophy back in 1998, but memory cells are a bit grey :o I do remember her specialised equipment is very good, lots of self correcting designs.



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A while ago I was looking into a job at a montessori setting in my local area, in the end I did not apply due to the fact I was due to start my FDey course 2 weeks later. Anyway I found this website useful: www.montessori.org.uk




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