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We are a 32 place nursery, we have a good staff team with a very low turnnover in staff. Most have been with us 3 years plus!My Deputy Manager is leaving at Christmas as she feels that she needs a change of career, my Supervisor is leaving in 2 weeks - she doesnt really need to work financially and feels its time for a change too!

I suppose I am in a bit of a panic- at my two key staff leaving. There is no-one really strong enough to fill these positions within the Nursery so I am having to advertise- but this is so new to me.

I have been considering taking a step back from being a full time manager for some time now as I have 5 children and also manage a preschool and an out of school club(not working in either these just really do the paperwork in the evenings actually normally midnight!)

I really want to spend some time with my children and oh my husband!

I am considering advertising for a job share Manager and have someone in mind for the Deputy but she can only work part time- shes not strong enough to Manage


Does anyone job share either as a Manager or Deputy, do you think this is a wise decision?


Can someone tell me their staff structure- do you have a Supervisor's?


I have so many followers and not enough leaders I am just in a muddle but feel thi is a good time to reorganise and re structure the staff but am worried about to many changes at once?


HELP! please! (Hoping this makes sense to you all!!)

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I have never come across job shares for senior positions, but sometimes wish I could find one that I could go for! Commitments such as family and uni make it difficult to devote myself 100% to a senior position, can't seem to juggle it all.


Good luck in your search!

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I agree with Claire, I too would like to work at a senior level but I am finding it very diffcult as I have my FD course to work around. I have seen job shares for senior postions and recently went for one were there was 3 deputies in total, but I was not strong enought for the postion.


Good luck with you search!

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Dont give up!


I have set the Nursery up as a mum (with 5 children!) and as I said dont loose staff they have been with me for years. They are always saying to me that they feel valued and looked after!! Bless them.

I believe it giving people a chance and being as flexible as I can - I have people that job share but as I said havent tried it with senior positions but Im going to bite the bullet and go for it.


So if anyone is in sunny sussex and fancies a challenge ha ha


bye for now

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