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We're in the process of reviewing and tweaking our Child Protection policy. One area that we're wondering whether we've got absolutely clear is what would happen in the event that an allegation of abuse was made against a member of staff. Basically what it says at the moment is that after every effort had been made to resolve the situation informally, in case the allegation was just down to a simple misunderstanding, the member of staff would be suspended on full pay whilst an investigation was carried out byt the Manager and/or the Area Child Protection Committee.


Is that what other people have written? And have you got the procedure just written in text or have you done a flow chart to show the process? Do you say that the member of staff should have a friend/union rep with them at any interviews? Who do you say would carry out the investigation if the allegation is made against the Manager? And should Ofsted be informed as well as the ACPC?


Any advice gratefully received!!!

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I can't find an up to date policy on my computer, but Ofsted are really hot on allegations made against a staff member.


I would try and do it as a flow chart as well as having it written down (more work, I know, but it will help in the event of it being needed) This way all concerned can clearly see what the next steps are in the process.


Staff are always allowed a union rep, colleague or friend in meetings and it is sometimes helpful to have a member of staff to take minutes of the meeting, so that every is clear about what has been said and agreed.


If an allegation is made against the manager, the registered person is the person to contact i.e. chair of committee. If the registered person is the manager, they should have a nominated person on their behalf to represent them.


Your first port of call should be your local safeguarding board (ACPC's have changed their name - make sure you have the emergency/duty number on your policy too). If you look on the website of your local authority you should be able to find more information.

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