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I have had a really tough day with a particular child in my reception class. She is really unrully and hates to conform. She came in from playtime like a wild animal and was pushing other children reall hard. I stopped her from pushing and she went crazy running round the room and trying to get out of the door. i stood with my back to the door and she pushed and pulled at me. She didnt respond to anything that I tried. I tried the calm approach, the shouting approach and got no response. She then started running up and running into me. She is a strong little girl and seemed to be smiling as she bashed into me and pulled at my arms. I felt totally helpless and like I had tried all the strategies I knew. In the end I made a threat that I was leaving the room to get the headteacher (who wasnt even in school). As soon as i got out of the room I burst into tears! Now I feel like a total failure and that she got the better of me. I need to sort things out tomorrow and would love some advice. WHat do you all do regarding rewards / sanctions in your class?

Please help as I feel really emotional tonight



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Oh Joanne, that is a tough one.

You need support and you need it right away. DO you have any support in your classroom as you shouldnt be in this situation without someone else in SMT seeing this.

Dont be afraid of going into school in the morning and telling it how it is. Your head teacher, your deputy, your SENCo or your FS coord should all be able to support you.


You are not a failure but I understand that feeling. I have had a child in my class who sent me to to distraction, until I refused to teach him. At that point my head was able to get behaviour support in and she removed him temporarily to give us all a breathing space.


Talk to someone in school and get some strategies in place for how the situation will be dealt with in school, this is not your classroom management. Document all that happens, triggers and actions etc. If you have not already recorded todays events, print the post.


Good luck and keep talking.

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I have been exactly where you are Joanne and we elicited the support of our county behaviour support team who gave us emergency earmarked pupil funding for him, lots of professionals came to see him from the early years team and ed psychs.

In the short term my head allocated a TA to work 1:1 with him amd he did half days only for a whole year, he is now repeating his reception year is a changed child as he now seems to fit in the class and is even doing full days, his TA now does not have to dog his every move and he can be trusted a lot more. We still have the occasional blip but big steps have been taken. He has a diagnosis of global delay and we are awaiting news on a statement for him.

You are not alone! If this girl is a danger to the children or the staff then your head has to take appropriate action.

Hope today was a better day for you!

Liz x

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Just wondered how you got on on Friday Joanne, hope you have managed to get some support from your SMT. Children that make you feel de-skilled definitely need a whole school approach so that you don't take it personally. Hope you are feeling more cheerful!



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