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Nothing plastic xD


Assuming you mean from babies -

Black and white/bold patterned toys and resources are good for very young babies as they can start to focus on these

Natural materials - when they are sitting, treasure baskets can be introduced

Sensory toys - soft, squidgey, rattles/bells, material, musical instruments (rainmakers etc)

Toys that can safely be put in their mouth :o

Malleable materials to encourage touch and hand/eye co-ordination

Mobiles, windsocks, twizzly sticks that move and shine with movement


For slightly older children, anything that is open ended (i.e. it doesn't have an outcome) is great - boxes, scarves, tubes, drain pipes etc, but parents still like to have toys that 'do' something. Early Learning Centre is pretty much on the ball with things, although there is still a lot of plastic, so getting a balance is a good idea.

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