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Outdoor Practical Maths For Yr1 Needed!


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Hi all!

I'm in need of some inspiration and ideas that aren't going to cost me too much!

We have a courtyard area (also known as the outdoor classroom) at school which is used mainly by the Yr.1 classes and I'm trying to use it everyday!! We have some sand/water activities, picnic tables, fixed white boards, skitles etc but I'd like someone to recommend activites or agood book so that I can make more of it. Last week we hid number tiles for the less able to search for like a treasure hunt, but they had to pick them up in order. we also have a giant snakes + ladders and connect 4.

Anyone feeling inspired or have a similar area which they use?? :)


Thanks in advance




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Guest Really

Could you put a washing line up so the children can peg out numbers in order? Also you could use hoops with numbers in, children throw a bean bag in one hoop and make a tower with bricks of that number, or for more able, throw twice and add numbers together.


If anymore ideas come to me I will let you know :o

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One easy thing Ive done in the past is make skittles from empty 2ltr pop bottles numbered 1-10 a little sand in the bottom for weight. set up like a bowling alley they children have 2 turns and add the total or one turn and do the subtraction ..........I have 10 to start with knock down 3 there are how many left? etc

you can buy cheap snakes and ladders outdoor games think ours was under £5 and is always popular children are using addition if you use 2 die.

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The book 'A place to Learn' By Lewisham Early Years Advice and Resource Network, is fantastic, all about developing a 'stimulating learning environment'. It has a tick list almost of things to have and do outside as well as inside. Fantastic reading. (But depressing when I think of what else I need to do still in our garden!! :o )

Back of book says;

ISBN no 090 1637106

Tel no for LEARN 020 8695 9806

fax 020 8698 0900



Liz x

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Thanks Guys, I knew you'd be full of better ideas than me!

You watch the weather now though, it'll be chucking it down till April!!


Jane :)

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