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I would be really grateful if anyone working in a baby room or a two year old room would take time to list the furniture, tables, chairs, changing units, shelving etc in their rooms.

I have been asked to cost out equipping these two rooms as a possible new build on the side of our existing pre school. We are thinking of possibly 6 in the baby room and 12 in the two year old room.

I can work out resources and put a ball part figure in, but would like some info on how many cots people have in their rooms and nap facilities for the 2 yrs. Fold up beds, cushions etc.

Many thanks in advance

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baby room ~ takes six babies.


six cots, (selection of blankests and cot sheets (at least two per cot, although sheets are washed weekly for full time children and/or changed between children when they share cots)

six high chairs

3 baby push along walkers

3 baby gym's (you know the ones that baby lies under)

2 baby rings (the one's baby sits in and has patterns / things to do around the edge)

2 baby bouncy chairs (used for our smaller babies)

3 v shaped pillows to suport children learning to sit

1 changing station (which stores our nappies / wipes in.

a three tier drawer unit, used for storing aprons, bips etc.

2 shelves, 1 used or storing files, the other used for storing day to day information (day books)

we have a walk in storage cupboard so store all toys in there

of course a large variety of assorted toys!

and not kept in baby room but babies use them are three double prams

We also use cot mobiles as well so have them, and lots of dangly things to catch babies attention.

We have two comfy chairs for staff to use when feeding babies, and babies use them for pulling themselves up.


Our two year old room

~ takes twelve


in here we have


several child sized tabels and chairs, used for meal times / table top activities.

large floor area divided into three areas, book corner (with cushions), home corner and general floor play area (where we set out assortment of toys)

We have a changing station in here too

We also have children's drawers

and storage drawers / cupboards at children's level for storing toys.

Children in here sleep on their own pillows (provided by parents), but in the one to two room they sleep on fold up sleep mats, which store away relativly easily.

2 shelves for the staff to store files, and stationary etc

one comfy chair for staff to read stories from

and again assortmant of toys.


hope that helps maybe



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