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I work in a nursery school with 3-5 year olds.

I despearately need your help with planning.

I need ideas/activities for the personal,Social and Emotional Development area of the foundation stage.


Anything would be greatfully recieved! :D

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Hi Pigley

Welcome to the site and thanks for your first post. If you have a look at the other postings on this forum you will find some ideas for your planning.

What are you looking for specifically for PSED? Look at the postings for circle time as there are some good ideas there.

PSED should be the foundation for your planning in that it is the most important area at this stage. But a lot of it is something you do on a daily basis and doesn't need planning for as such. Things like making the children independant in getting dressed and undressed, putting on and taking off coats, going to the toilet and washing their hands etc.

If you identify these as daily activities then you are "planning" for them.

Hope this is some help for you-I'm sure other people will be able to add more ideas for you.


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A child sits on a chair in the middle. We ask the children to make a nice comment about that child.

Each child has a turn to have a special day when they bring photos of the family,favourite toy,book and video to show to the group . We send out a form for parents to tell us the childs favourite food,place colour etc. We can then prompt the child to speak to the group.

We have a happy/sad face to pass round although ideally we want all the children to be happy all the time we acknowledge that it is o.k to feel sad sometimes.

Last week we thought some of the children were only playing in pairs and excluding others so we asked them all to choose a new parner at circle time and they had to draw a picture of each other then take their new friend off to play. This was very successfull.

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If you can afford to buy books or if you are lucky get your employer to purchase them for you!! :D


Try going to www.scholastic.co.uk and look in the teacher section they have loads of series on the ELG's with some books dedicated to a specific area like PSED, CLL, etc,

Other website to check out are www. featherstone.uk.com and Brilliant Publications (not sure of website has some good books though)


I particulary like the Whishing Well Series. I have the Festivals book. Each festival has a page with activities for the festival to cover all the areas and there are also photocopyable poems/songs, etc,


Hope this helps!! :)

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