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Hi all,

I'm just searching for some ideas as to how you assess reading for the profile?

How do we know that we are all being consistent in scoring our children against the profile?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated?


Sue x

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Hi and welcome. I can see you've been a member for a while but its always good when someone makes a first post. Hope you are going to continue to do so!?


I am going to move this to the profile section and hopefully people will tell you what they do! This may even have been raised before.


The reading scheme we used---Rigby--had some good pointers for childrens level of development and the Book band characteristics.

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Hi Sue and welcome from me too :D

I'm not sure what your problem is with assessing for the profile - the statements are all fairly straightforward (I take it you have the FSP handbook?). Your LEA may well have produced a guidance document to go along with the profile, unpicking the staements a bit more closely. I have a feeling the third point "Recognises a few familiar words" has a been clarified by my LEA, but my document is at school so I can't check tonight :o

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