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Help! Handa's Surprise- French Translation?


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Bonjour!! I desperately need help with downloading the Handa's Surprise resources from the French Website recommended by Marion and Peggy on a previous post. Although I tried Peggy's link, it got me to the same one as Marion's and, as I only know very basic French, I don't know which links to select....I hope 'mes amis sur le forum' can help !! Merci beaucoup tout le monde !! (See, I do know a bit!!)

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Hi Kermit, I've just been on the site. You can download a variety of things. If you click on the little icon next to 'paroles de la chanson' you download the words to a song about the story (no idea of tune though - maybe you could make something up), then next icon - where it says 'wanted' gives you a base sheet for making a wanted poster. If you want the pics of fruit and the masks you need to left click on each bit and you can download them as PDF files. They look fab when you bring them up. Are you planning to use the stuff in English? It's got me going now, one of my other roles is teaching French to the whole school. Anyway if you need any of the French translated shout and I'll do my best. Hope this was the sort of help you needed.



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The good thing is I have found some other resources which might be of use too, some are in French such as fruit names and colour names but could be adapted. They are of varying difficulty but hope they help. We will probably have enough to have a Handa's surprise year now!:













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Hi I have just become a member of the forum and look forward to many hours of inspiration

I have found the fantastic resources on Handas Surprise on the french site does anyone know of anything similar for jaspers beanstalk?


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