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Planning Again!


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Does anybody have any documents/plans that show how the BTTM links to daily routines.


What I mean is how some of the components etc can be linked to your every day routines.


I'd be extreeeeeeemely grateful :D:D

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There was somewhere on here some plans that showed how birth to three linked to areas of your room, ie home corner, book corner, outdoor area etc (would that help?, might be a starting block to producing your own).... but im not that great at computers so don't know how to link to the post sorry!


maybe do a search for birth to three long term plans perhaps



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I found some links that running bunny did about continuous provision and the bttm links, but i can't get anything when i click on them. just get a clipart pic! :o


I think this could be useful to me but can't open them for some reason

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Hi Trisha,

There should be writing around the edge of the clip art for each area of the BTTM Framework. It may take time to appear on the screen, so leave it for a minute or so. If you are still having problems, I'll post them again or I'll send you a PM.


With regards to linking in with the daily routines, I use these on training.....




I get staff to try and think about the concept that children do not differentiate between 'learning' and 'routine' as staff sometimes (usually?) do. I give the staff the blank sheet to start with and encourage them to think of the areas that are met for certain times of day and then allow them time to discuss and share their ideas. (Actions and responsibilities are what is taking place at this time and by whom. The 'daily plans' referred to would be your daily plans.)


The completed sheet breaks down what I think are the most prevalent components although it could be argued that most can be made to fit depending on the nature of the activity.


I hope this helps!

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