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Birth To Three Planning Format


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Hi Teachers.


I have a BTTM planning format but don't seem to be able to attach it!


It basically has the 4 areas down one side, the days of the week at the top. For each of the 4 areas there are 3 boxes, one for the activity, one for the planning codes (thanks to Dawn :o ) and then the final box for the area of the setting the activity is going to take place in.


As well as that, we do five focus activities with the under 3's, one for each of the areas and maybe an extra one thrown in if there is something particular we are hoping to observe, or a skill that has almost been mastered.


We don't do it according to themes, but the under 3's do take part in activities that the FS children, providing the activities have been adapted (if necessary) to meet their needs.


Sorry I can't show you, but I hope you understand all that waffle! :D

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