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Can anyone shed light on what they have in their setting? What records are kept in the managers office that may be required by OFSTED apart from the obvious like operational plan,policies and procedures? My manager has left and there must be 40-50 files on the shelves that she set up but what are actually required to make the office not look like a library. There is so much I do not know where to start and do not want to throw out in case they are needed!!! Help

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Hi Sheila,

Well, I can let you know what I keep in my office! We've had two Ofsted inspections and the inspectors were very pleased with our paperwork, etc. OK, here goes:

* Planning file: long term aims and objectives, medium term topics, short term plans

* Registration forms for current children (archived forms are kept in a box file, but Ofsted have never asked to see them)

* Operations file (probably just like yours!) This includes codes of practice for health and hygiene, safety and security, fire and accident stuff, and use of the outdoor area, basic routines, induction arrangements for new staff, and a brief description of staff development and training, risk assessment stuff, and inventory of nursery equioment and toys

*Management file: self- evaluation forms, previous and current development plans. fire safety guidance, food hygiene inspection report, Ofsted inspection reports, Info on CRB chekcs, insurenace info

* Budget file (Ofsted don't ask for this; I don't think it's any of their business!)

*Staff file : contact details, training, CRB numbers, application forms, annual appraisals, etc

* Archived registers (again, Ofsted have never asked to see them)

* Staff meetings file : agenda, minutes, etc

* Parents and carers' feedback; all the letters and questionnaires telling us how great we are!


That's it. I'm sure now lots of people will tell me I haven't got all sorts of things I should have, but I've managed to get away with it so far :D:D

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