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well well well, Ofsted have arrived,


I am currently on annual leave this week, today we went to Blackpool and we have a few other day trips planned.

Anyway monday evening i joked with my deputy that if ofsted arrived the file was on the shelf, the operational plan was on the shelf and she knew where everything was. My deputy said, 'oh, they won't arrive and laughed it of'

low and behold they arrived today..... i don't know weather to laugh or cry.


I got a phone call at 11:30 from the director to say ofsted had arrived, and that she realised i was on annual leave but she was giving me a heads up. she also said they would like to do a suitable persons interview with me but that they oculd arrange another time to do that. I explained i was in blackpool and unable to get in today but that i would work tommorow so that they can do suitable persons interview and so that she can give us feedback (i must be mad volunterring to go in work when ofsted are there!!!! :o ) but equally i want to suport the staff too.


i phoned my senior this evening who says she felt it went well so far, they have done care side up to now, education tommorow, which is worrying ebcause i have just moved my deputy into pre-school. and although she is experienced in pre-school she has not worked in our pre-school room before, nor has she done our pre-school planning, now will ofsted recognise and accept that because she is new to the room she is only learning.

I plan to work closely with my deputy in there, so is it feasable for me to say that i will be actively suporting her in the planning and implementation of FS (which i will be doing), and i am experienced in it as well......

tommorow there are only 8 pre-school children but i think i will go in there with my deputy as well....


hmmmm, this is my first ofsted as a manager, and i feel anxious.


I think to be honest i have only been managing it there for two and a bit months so hopefully ofsted will recognise that and support us if there are things that aren't being done, or things that need to be done differently.


i so wish i was taking annual leave abroad i would have missed all this.... lol



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Now come on Dawn be honest, your dedication to the group means that actually you do want to be there. If I was an Inspector I would value your commitment of coming in during your 'leave'.

As for the positions of staff, you as manger have decided to 'deploy' your deputy in the preschool, this includes induction, support and in-house training from you, which you have done so go in tomorrow, hold your head up high, voice your achievements, voice your plans and let them judge that you are doing the best you can, which you know is good enough. See the experience as a 'learning curve' gain from it and also praise yourself and other staff for the developments you have achieved so far.






p.s. Easy for me to say, I know, as mine was done in June :o:(



OOH Changed my signature positive thinking helps as well xD

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GOOD LUCK DAWN x As peggy says we wouldnt settle knowing they were there and we werent.

When we had our inspection 18months ago the best reports were the on spec planning,be seen to go with the childrens flow.You may have planned to do hand and foot prints for instance but little johnny has come in and wants to tel you about the rainbow he saw yesterday,so you discuss rainbows and colours and mixing paint etc or a child sees a ladybird in the garden so you find out about ladybirds!

try and get good nights sleep(better said then done) and judging by your input to the forum you come accross as a dedicated and enthusiastic practioner and they will pick up on this Im sure.Who is the inspector do you know?

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Dawn - you only joked about that the other day!!! I am certain that it will all go well - good luck.


Shelley x


p.s. Are you going to make up for the lost holiday?!

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Good night sleep LOL :o hmmm, what's that!!!!


I tossed and turned all night, which is stupid. I know we are doing thingsa well.


I also however know that we will get let down on equal opps and festivals...(a weak area for us, and one i haven't been able to develop just yet!).


We always go along with the children's interests, and our planning had a complete coloum for children's choices... children choose what they wish to play with and we have that out we then balance it with our choices..... our early years advisor liked that plnning idea so hopefully that will be good.


Ofsted looked at toddler room planning yesterday, which was good as toddler room is the only room that has completely grasped it so hopedully she will have liked what she saw....


still worried....


anyway off to work for 7:30 start... the temptation to go in and panic and change stuff is huge... BUT i won't do that, they take us as they find us and hopefully that is good enough.


will feedback later....


oh, and yes i shall be taking another dayt' holiday, probably soemtime at xmas LOL as holiday board is booked up!



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