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For this years Christmas Production we are basing it on the story book 'Sleepy Jesus' At the start the children will sing Twinkle twinkle holy star to start it off, the next song that we used in 2003 was O little town of bethlehem, the children we have this year are not into sing at the moment. Age range 2 years 6 months to 4 years. we are looking for simple fun catchie songs to replace O little town of Bethlehem which is sung near the beginning and Away in a manger which is the last song.



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We often adapt favourite nursery rhyme tunes and change the words to fit the theme eg Twinkle twinkle ,christmas star how I wonder what you are, Could he see which way to go, If you did not twinkle so, Twinkle Twinkle Christmas Star, how I wonder what you are...then the traveller in the dark thanks you for your tiny spark(is that the version you sing?). We sometimes sing the happy Birthday song and sing this for Jesus, all the children know this one. I'll try to think of some more.. I think there is a 'Nursery Rhyme Nativity' play that you can buy.. possibly Out of the Ark company?

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No thats not the same one as we sing.


Twinkle twinkle holy star.

Shining brightly from a far.

Up above the cattle stall,

Bringing good news to us all.

Twinkle twinkle holy star.

Shine for ever where we are.


We also sing


A baby so special (Tune of Away in a manger)


So Mary and Joseph had somewhere to stay.

And the baby was born and slept on the hay.

A baby so special lying there in the night.

And all around the stable was a wonderful light.


Three wise men. (Tune of Three blind mouse)


Three wise men, travelled from a-far.

Three wise men? Following a star.

All the way to Bethlehem.

They found the baby king and then.

They gave their presents and said “Amen”

Those three wise men.


Band of Angels

There was one, there were two.

There were three little angels.

There were four, there were five.

There were six little angels.

There were seven, there were eight.

There were nine little angels.

Ten little angels in that band.


The shepherds watch the sheep.


Let's dress up for Christmas.

The shepherds watch the sheep.

They watch them when they're eating.

They watch them when they sleep.

One night out on a hillside,

they woke up from a snooze.

An angel in the sky said,

"Wake up! I've got good news".


Good news (Tune of London’s burning)


We hear good news

We hear good news,

From the angels

From the angels,

Good news

Good news,

Baby Jesus is near.

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