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Hello need help if possible, the assisgnment brief is examine the history of provision for 0-5 year olds in Britain showing how the F.S has emerged and discuss it strengths and weaknesses.


the learning outcomes are:-


1. critically discuss the nature and content of the f.s curriculum.


2. critically evaluate provision for foundation stage children.


just trying to get more ideas together brain bit frazzled think am to involved on daily basis not very good yet on writing the theory.



thankyou everybody.

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You might find doing a 'time line' a useful method for this.


I did one once. I wish I had it on computor to show you-lost on a floppy disc somewhere, shows how long ago I did it. As I recall I started the time line BC- Aristotle, moved through Rousseau, Brown, Froebel, McMillan's, Woods, Susan Isaacs, Piaget, Vygotsky and other theorists to Tina Bruce, and more current theorists. There is an article on Rousseau in this weeks Nursery World, how his thoeries are still considered within todays curriculum. ( list of theorists above not necessarily in the right cronological order-my grey cells are tired :o )


The format of the time line was


top line date


middle line theorist ( date when theories were popular not birth date ie: Vygotsky was only known about after he died.


bottom line

Social History ie: McMillans practice was hugely influenced through post WW2



My time line finished just after the Desirable learning outcomes were changed to the FSC.


Good Luck.


I'm now motivated to search my attic for the time line I did in 1989 for my ADCE.


I recall thoroughly enjoying the research, it really showed how ideas and practice does go round in circles, you wait in a few decades letter land will be popular again. xD



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