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Hi everyone


Thank you for all your help with my many and varied questions and queries - where would we be without eachother and the forum???


I've allocated some money from our Early Years budget to buy a set of 6 digital cameras for the children to use. They need to be - robust, easy to use, cheap(!), have good battery life...


Any reccommendations? Its a bit of a minefield and I want to buy the right thing.... :o


Thank you!

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We have a cheap Kodak easyshare one. It has its own docking station that is permanently plugged into the computer and when the camera sits in it it charges. When you want to transfer the photos you just press a button on the docking station and hey presto! All your photos are on the computer.

The camera is really robust and easy to use - we have a very basic model which is just a point and click! The software is really easy to use to if you're wanting to print the pictures out straight away. :)

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