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Our baby room is mega dull, and i want to sort it out a bit, in our baby room we take babies from 3 months to a year (6 babies a day) we have our cots in the same room the children play in and so far the cots do not have cot mobiles on them. Is this because ofsted don't like them do you think. I would speak to the deputy who has been there ages but she is away a week.

so i wanted to know do you use mobiles in the baby room (that attatch to the cots) if so at what age of the child do you need to take them off.... obviosuly if i a child can stand then i would remove them, (the mobile, not the child LOL :o ) and what have ofsted's response been to you having cot mobiles?



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Great stuff,


shall put the two bargain moboiles up that i found at the car boot sale this morning!!!!... do us Nursery practitioners ever leave work at work LOL


Dawn x



we have mobiles for the teeny weenies and up to around 9 months never had a problem with ofsted
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