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wondered if any of you can help, ive applied for a classroom ass position at my local school. i have been running a preschool for the past 10 years and would like to go onto older children.


my question is; has anyone got any idea of the sort of things i might be asked about in an interview? and any tips on what they really want to hear!


have been researching the post, as well as the specific child it is for (SEN) as i know the parents as he has just left my preschool the same time i did.


my previous deputy at the preschool is also going for the post (who is actually my best mate) so i need a little advantage over her, although i am more experience and qualified, but i think its going to be tough. i also know of another 6 people applying.


so as you see, i could do with some ideas of what they want to hear!!




i know someone out there will help.


thanks, ruthie

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Thanks for asking Ruthie, sorry I can't help you but am also thinking of taking the leap, have applied for a position and am now waiting to see if I get an interview...the last post local to me had 110 applicants!!

I would be making the move from preschool also so I am keen to steal your advice from forum members if you don't mind, good luck to you. :D:D

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good luck to you too shirel,


so far as far as i know their are 5 applicants for 3 posts, but im sure that will change,


i will let you know how i get on, keep us informed of how you get on.

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Okay err i was on interview panel for some TA's lately so let me think back.....


Is it for a Integration based- SEN


Many schools now are taking the approach of not working one on one with a child but to dstand at a healthy distance and aid learning that way, take small groups out, assist changing for PE etc. depending on SEN. You might need to research what this schools views are.


These were for a class based.


1. Tell me about an exciting/successful activity which you have planned for.


2. How do you view the role of a TA?

Our head was looking for person to say teamwork, partnership but ultimate responsibility lies with teacher.


3. Behaviour management. if you were walking round school and saw a child misbeahving what would you do?

follow school discipline policy.

deal with it.

get at their level, speak to them, find out what happened and discuss. if more serious report to classteacer, head etc.

discuss positive behaviour- reward good behviour in line with school policy ie. stickers, certificiates, housepoints etc.


4. There was a q about life of school.

which basically asked for person to sy that they would consider themselves a part of the whole school and would be involved as so.

i.e. reinforcing behaviour on playground

ensure childrne pick up rubbish

reinforce school rules- speak to children who run in corridor, swear???? etc.

willingness to be involved in corporate life of schools- school fete, help at plays, PTA, etc.


5. Tell me a little about yourself.

what you like, don't like?

skills- liase with parents, friendly, happy, time keeper,

aware of the importnace of the personal, social, emotional, spirtual development of children

knowledge of child development

knowledge of special needs.


6. WHat could you bring to this post?

tell of anything you are into. speak about previous interests, jobs etc.

enjoy outdoors, gardening, art, play instrument, music, etc.

our deputy head was looking for someone who had a talent or interest which would be valuable.


7. If you live local to school they might ask you a question about what you would do should a parent come and ask you about a child.

confidentality in an obvious awquard sitiuation.

respect schools policy

be respectful but would not be involved in gossiping or tale telling



errm can't remember anyt more i'll add more if i can rememeber

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