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Planning (again!)


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and most of my new intake are coming in at yellow or blue level stepping stones. Do people only write the ELG on their plans or do people do codes eg CLL b 3 and write the statement for different levels?

I'm not sure which to do as at present we just do ELG but these aren't always appropriate for the intake at this time of year.

Any help appreciated.

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I always used the Goals in my planning throughout the year as that ultimately is what you are working towards, so for handwriting the plans might say CLL19 to develop hand eye coordination by .... etc.

Does that make sense?


oops, also meant to sy hi and welcome and thanks for making your first post!

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I write learning intentions on my daily plans - these are often the ELGs broken down - sometimes into tiny, little steps. From time to time a Learning Intention is an ELG - but I tend to think of ELGs as something to be achieved by the end of the year or (as so many of them are difficult) just something to work towards. Most of the time my learning intentions are in response to our observations of the children as they play.


To be quite honest, I don't really focus too much on the stepping stones - may be this is wrong?

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We always put in the relevant stepping stone as some of the children are on one or more of these; particularly at the beginning of the year. We also put on the corresponding ELG so we can show where they are heading

For example if it was a writing session we may put the following

Communication, Language & Literacy: Writing

SS; ascribe meaning to marks

ELG: Attempt writing for a variety of purposes…


We use the font colour to state which stepping stone or for those without a colour printer we may write BSS (Blue Stepping Stones) We use the booklet 'First Links' as this sets out the stepping stones a lot clearer and makes direct links with the profile areas. I find the stepping stones really useful as learning intentions/objectives or whatever else you may want to call them as they break down the really woolly ELG's. LCP publications do a great little profile booklet that puts the profile scale points into childlike vocab. for instanceCLL Language for communication and thinking states point 3 in the profile

Talks activities through, reflecting and modifying actions

in the LCP booklet (9called 'Look what I can do')

Point 3 is reworded as ' I can talk and think about what I am doing during an activity and this can help me to change what I am doing or to solve problems'


Although I wouldnt use this wording for my objectives (I'd use the 'real' ones) it does help to clarify some of the more tricky scale points. Unfortunately, LCP seems to have had as much trouble as the rest of us in decoding the weazel words that surrounded some of the PSED points relating to culture and beliefs, in fact they have hardly, if a t all altered them!! :o

Unfortunately too, the booklet id pricey at around £15 for 10!! and is copyrighted too.

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Bungalow, I don think thats wrong. Stepping stones were only ever thought of as a possible route to goal achievemnet and it was recognised that they may be acheived in the published order or more individually depending on child!


Apple, that booklet sounds good! I have a publication that I rarely use but which indicates charateristics of learning for goal achievement. I think I need to re examine that!

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