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Hi I have recently been given role of ICT coordinator and haven't got a clue! Last coordinator left nothing. I have been asked by head to produce a curriculum map for ICT across school; FS, KS1 & 2 and a vision for the future. He also wants any monitoring and evaluation information? As I teach in reception I am a bit unsure of the curriculum for KS1 & 2 would a curriculum map be the QCA documents; topics for the year and each term? Any help would be gratefully appreciated :o


kat x

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I was given the role of ICT co odinator when the last co ordinator left to become a head (think it was because I was the only one who knew how to switch on the computers)

I used the QCA as a basis for our guidance but have worked with the |ICT co ordinator at our local comp to see what they want the children to be able to do and have been able to slim down the curriculum as a consequence. It might be worthwhile making contacts.


Might be worthwhile asking staff if there are any areas where they dont feel confident!

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If your school follows QCA in KS1 & KS2 I would think they would be art of a curiculum map. If I was you, I would get all staff to let you know which QCA units they cover when during the year, and if they have any concerns about how to teach any particular untis. From that you might get an idea of a vision for the future if any surprises are thrown up! USe of interactive whotebaords and using ICT across the curriculum are big things for a lot of schools at the moment.


The only monitoring and evaluating information you can give him, is any that the previous ICT coordinator has left, or any assessments that teachers made last year, that may or may not relate to National Curriculum.

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I'm also an ICT co-ordinator and I found the MAPE website great for linking ICT in the FS curriculum (www.mape.org.uk). The BECTA website (www.becta.org.uk) is also really good for info. There are also lots of sites that come up if you type in a search for 'ICT co-ordinators'. Your local LEA may be able to put you in touch with an ICT advisor, so that might be worth a try...Hope this helps, sorry I'm not sure how to do proper links to websites on the forum yet...maybe one of the skilled people out there can tell me how it's done! See, Kat we're all learning so don't worry!!

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Hi Kat

it does seem if you know how to turn on a computer, then you're an expert :o I too am a reception teacher and ICT coord. :(

I have attached our curriculum map - which is linked to QCA- This is given to teachers at beginning of academic year and they change it around to suit themselves.

Hope its of some use




We too are trying to get together a proforma to assess where children are which is not too much of a burden on already stretched teachers.




As for reception class ict planning that is in with my medium term plans although I suppose you could tease out a FS curriculum map xD

Here is and assessment sheet I foun online



Hope this helps

Ruth :(







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