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Planning For Around Our School


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Hello just wondering if anyone has a topic plan for 'around our school' or 'all around us' that they wouldn't mind sharing. I am just in a right pickle :o at the moment and could really use a starting point. Thanks

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Just a few ideas off the top of my head....


History- old and new..... victorian school.... do you have old documents and photos of the school... has the school changed in anyway?


Geog- how is the area around the school made, How is the local area around the school used... physical and human features... road safety..... is there a safe place to cross.... are there signs so people know too slow down?


Science- what do we like/dislike about our school and how can we improve it- e.g. growing flowers etc to brighten up an area. What materials are used to build the school?


PSHE- rules, looking after our school, propertiy and others.


Literacy- making a book about our school... showing sequences of the day etc.


people who help use, people special to our school.


Hope that helps, sorry I didn't get on yesterday evening.



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:) Thanks Everyone


My brain just doesn't seem to work at the moment. We usually do 'Ourselves/family' this term but one of the children lost a parent in the holidays so I am trying to do something different. It doesn't help that my head teacher is off on one already about assessment, tracking, blah,blah, blah. I am already counting down the days to the next holiday :o

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