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I have lots of brilliant quotes that can be used for 0 to 3s, about the role of the practitioner in terms of their level of interaction. Some of them can be applied to the 3 to 5s, but many of them are aimed at baby babies!


Does anyone have any good quotes or statements that are aimed at the role of the practioner with the 3 to 5s? I want to use them in a staff training session, and get staff to consider how their practice compares.

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The FSC Principles, plus principles into practice pg 12 - 19 then Page 20-24, "Learning & Teaching" of the FS Curriculum guidance, plus "What does the practitioner need to do?" on the opposite page to the stepping stones, in the FSC guidance.

Not exactly inspiring words but does clearly state the practitioner role.

Maybe a google search of theorists will get you some more motivational quotes.




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Struggled to find actual quotes, but have got this...




... which describes scaffolding and when it is appropriate to intervene as an adult.


This diagram may help to explain it a bit more...




If you have anything specific, I can provide 'rationale' for why practitioners should do things i.e. encouraging co-operation, praise, listening and talking, using open ended questions, talking positively to children etc... let me know!

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Thank-you Running Bunny. I can definitely use those.


Please can you dig me out some bits on: listening and talking, using open ended questions, and talking positively to children -as you mentioned. Anything that highlights good interaction?


Thanks loads and loads x

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