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Hi all,

It is typical that I can't find some puppets that I'd made. Can anyone help please. Where can I get printable pictures to make as props for the 3 bears etc.

Thanks again


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I haven't got a link to any great templates but the children in my nursery are really into Goldilocks and the 3 bears at the moment since the story was told to them, and I thought I'd share some things which either they've instigated or we've done to satisfy this current interest.


Creating the characters (simply!) with the children from different size socks to use as puppets, wool for hair, and colours stuck on as decided suitable by the children.


We have a kit that contains the 3 bears ears which you could easily make using a wraparound card (crown style) with ears - to support their role play, obviously bowls and chairs in the home corner - or even better OUTSIDE - they could use (if you have) the playhouse as the bears house. They love it especially when we join in with the role play BUT we must follow their instruction as to which character we are and what to do! Three different sized blankets to represent the beds would be good too!


Lots of paper, card and pencils accessible - After an adult drew the porridge bowls, chairs and beds in the 3 sizes for the children, the children have been spontaneously drawing their own - since one also added spoons - lots now try to draw spoons also! they are only 2.6years!


Provide access to some porridge oats and allow the children to mix up some porridge supply 3 sizes of bowls and spoons - they LOVE mixing it.


An idea just came to me whilst typing..... if at all possible a small broken wooden chair (that Goldilocks broke of course) the children could then be asked how they would they fix it - supply a range of materials that could possibly 'repair' the chair. (I think I'm off to a boot sale very shortly to see whether I can find something suitable).


Sorry not quite what you asked for, but I hope it helps.


Good luck.



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