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Hi All,


Im opening up a nursery soon in south wales, and would really like some advice on the best sites to use to buy nursery equipment. I would rather pay extra and have equipment which is strong and lasts.


As i am new to the nursery environment, i have researched what equipment i need in differant areas, but would welcome any suggestions, on anything particularly useful.


I believe in offering the best quality childcare aviliable and would like this to be reflected in the equipment and range of activitios provided for the children.


I would appreciate any help on this subject


Many Thanks



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Hi Ruth

I love Community Playthings they offer great equipment which is built to last.

You can get it for very young children right on upwards. Its not cheap by any means but nursery funiture gets some use!


I think its hard to know what or how much funiture you need until you are settled in your premises. So I would start off with basic then you can add to later on, better than a stock cupboard full of stuff youve no need for.

Good luck

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