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Our new unit looks completely fab, but I have some teething problems, would anyone be able to help?

1. They have not put screeens around the carpet areas for privacy when doing focused teaching or circle time, and being open plan I would like some screen that could be pulled out in use and pushed back when not....any ideas

2. A small fence which could section off the unit (indoor) so children couldn;t get out and run into the hall....just high enough so they can't climb over it

3. Ideas for a stage where children can dress up and peform, they can use a karakoke machine, and have a general movement area. should it be softer so children can sit on it and be comfy etc - ideas appreciated

4. Different ideas for storage as hanging things with our sensors is not possible!

Any help would be appreciated.

With snack time children sit a table as and when and wear badges or something as it's not practical to have all there at the same time (only 2 table up to 12 children) - floating snack - is that what others do

Many thanks for your thoughts

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i have several mdf boards which stand in feet which one of the dads made me. can move them round to where i want to screen area or section areas off for activities. have used designed them for different uses as well so they double up as teaching resouces. one has chalk board paint on one side and magnetic paint on the other painted over with a large ladybug. use funky foam spots with magnetic paper on one side so they stick. one has lots and lots of pictures stuck on and pva over the top .changed on a regular basis. great talking point for children .

one has green felt on for a story board or words if placed next to intrest table .and on the other different textures like coilded rope, fabrics, heat senistive paint.glitter , etc. i have one with numbers from ikea. they are blue plastic and screw on. think they were handles for cupboards origanally. but i have gathered the bags from the washing powder and filled them with the correct number and hung them up. the children then can then have them down and use the objects for counting. one has acetate over the top so we can display photo's and pictures which the children can touch without any one telling them off . just screwed holes through the top and added wing nuts . the feet as i say were made my one of the parents and are just loose enough to allow easy removal so i can stack the boards in a cupboard if reqd.and the boards can be turned side on to make low sections . if i could figure out how to add a picture i would.

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