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Legislation Changes - Help Needed For Newsletter

Running Bunny

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Dear all,


I am in the process of working with a company that is hoping to produce monthly newsletters to childcare providers about legislation changes.


The obvious information is changes to Ofsted and the inspection process and then I have thought about Central Government changes (Nursery Education Funding, EYFS consultation) then more non-childcare specific things like asbestos, fire, health and safety, licence requirements for driving a minibus etc.


Has anyone else got any thoughts on other areas of legislation that have a daily or otherwise impact on running a childcare business. Your thoughts are all greatly appreciated!


RB x


PS Of course, I will let you know more about the updates as soon as I know how they will be made available!

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Anything to do with employment! I think this is one of those areas that many of us have problems with at one time or another.

It's a great idea to have info like that sent out-good luck with it.


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Off the top of my head and thinking back on past topic issues;


Waste disposal

Data protection

Child protection

seat belts/car seats

T.V, Video, radio, Entertainment licences


self employed

tenancy contracts / rental agreements


Public liability insurance and any other insurance

record keeping ( covers lots of areas)

Parental rights ie: access

Looked after children

Childrens rights

Play and risk


and I agree with Linda anything to do with employment.


I would find it useful to have legal advice on when something is actually law or when something is just an 'urban myth' ie some of the 'political correctness' we must do or not do scenario's we all come across. So maybe a little article dismissing common mis -interpretations of law would be very useful.


Good luck, I look forward to hearing how your idea grows.



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WOW! Thank you Linda and Peggy for your quick responses - that will certainly help get the ball rolling.


I like the idea of having a section on what is law and what is myth. I think that is where a lot of misunderstandings happen, so thanks for that suggestion.



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Hi Running Bummy,


Cannot add thing to the list as it looks pretty exchaustive already; probably wake up at 3am as per normal and think of something to say!


Would be really helpful though if you would let us know when the newsletter becomes avaliable and to whom. Sounds an essential publication.


Thank you



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