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I feel that I should explain that this child is quiet bright. But has difficulty using a pencil.

She knows her phonics and can read some words, she finds this very hard, I gave her books to take home to read with mum she manages to read sometimes, then she makes up words in the book. Are there any word sheets or books that will help her?


Although she has not been diagnosed with autism. I have read a lot about this and feel that she is. Her mother even thinks that she could be. Unfortuntly living in Spain there are no English special needs school here, so it is up to me to try to help her. She is a happy little girl but has a paranoid mother. I’m sure the mother is worried about her, but she must understand that we are not a special needs school and I am doing everything in my power to help this child.




Gill :o

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How about using books and resources that tap into her specific interests?


I worked with a four year old autistic boy who loved Thomas the Tank Engine. We made a book with all the characters in, with their names underneath. We also made up stories with him using pictures of the characters and other familiar objects. We then stuck the picures in the book, wrote the story in the book and then gave it to mum and dad to take home.


We used the same approach with other areas - Thomas went in the sand, water (he sank!), paint (he made good tyre tracks) and outside (he went down the slide very fast!) He got so much enjoyment out of 'playing' with Thomas, but his learning and experiences increased tremendously.


I'm smiling just thinking about him..... he'd be about 10 now (oh, I'm feeling old!)

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if the child has not had a diagnosis then its really sensible to wait until you do and spectrum disorders are very varied and different, only a specialist teacher or educational psychologist would be able to make an accuate assessment of the childs needs. however it is sensible to start with the child's personal interest or fascination to develop trust, concentration and confidence

for pencil skills try the regular stuff like finger painting and threading beads

there are many proven strategies to support children on the spectrum but it does need expert advice initially

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if she is able to cope with the same work the other children in class are completing you just need to adapt it for her capabilities? minimise the information on the page as for alot of children with ASD they find worksheets and books way to visual and cant focus,repetitive activies, and tap into her intrests and go from there maybe give her more focused 1-1 help . with regards to pencil skills i agree witht he other posts, finger painting,sand writing and maybe a 3d pencil which is easier to hold. You really need to contact your local autism/communication difficulties advisers and have her assesed as they can give a definate diagnosis and go from there.

there are a couple of great websites ( www. senteacher.org) (www.do2learn.com) these have some great ideas on activities and resources. hope this has helped slightly. :)

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