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Familiarisation Games For The New Term


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Hi everyone

Hope that you're all well and getting excited about returning to school... :o !


I'm thinking about my planning for the first week and am sure that I've seen a game here that we can play with children to help them to become familiar with where things live, the different areas of the classroom etc., but can't find it through searching.


Did I dream it?? Please help!

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There are some suggestions made in the SEAL materials for familiarising children with their new setting. These are:

* a game called 'Hide the Teddy': hide a teddy somewhere and give clues to where teddy is e.g. "Teddy is in the sand tray" or " Teddy is hiding under the car mat"

* Children take pictures of teddy in different places in the setting

* An adult takes pictures of children playing. These are then handed out for the children to stick near where that activity was taking place

* Setting routes through the setting for children to follow (they suggest using footprints) then getting them to say what they saw on their journey


I expect you already do it but I find that big, clear pictorial and written labels really help. I've also taken pictures of items in the classroom (including some pictures which are 'bits' of items in the classroom - horrible aren't I? :D) and challenge children to find the things - they seem to like doing this.


Sorry - I don't know the original post you were referring to! :)

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