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starting as NQT in sept in the special needs school that i trained in. have got a mixed reception year 1 class and have been left to do the timetable. I am a little bit worried about this as how do I know if its ok? how long does everyone else spend on C.I and T.D everyday and off the T.D how much of each of the 6 areas?

if anyone wouldnt mind sharing their daily or weekly timetable I'd be grateful to see some that are already working.


Also my school want me to have a daily phonics slot at the brginning of each day but they obviously still need to cover all of the other CLL ELG's which will then mean my class are spending more time on CLL than the other areas and I thought they all had equal importance. Just feel like I cant really fit everything I need to in while still allowing enough time for their C.I where I am supposed to get 80% of the evidence for the profile!


sorry another query - my year one will presumably need their literacy and numeracy hour but none are ready for a full hour yet. should I be having different timetables for reception and year 1??


thanks for helping



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I work in a FSU so we have 3- rising 6 year olds so dont time table as such as its very much keyed up to the children's interests. We have 5 focused adult directed activities per day (1 nursery and 1 reception focused literacy and 1 nursery and 1 reception focused numeracy plus 1 focused from the other 5 areas) Then we have a mixture of adult and child initiated activities. Because we are a unit there are a large number of areas both indoor and outdoor and the children move freely unless directed by an adult. In September I will be working with the Y1 teacher over the transition period with some movement between the classes but this will be very flexible too depending on the children's needs. At the moment we envisage Y1 doing small group literacy and numeracy activities in the morning with half the class accessing CI activities or working in the FSU with an adult but its very much trial and error at this point.

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