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Planning Around Number Rhymes


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Our pre-school have recently changed to having children from 2 years old to school age in all our sessions. We have always used topic based planning but are now finding this increasingly difficult. I have been following with interest the discussion about not using topic based planning but in the meantime am toying with the idea of using Number Rhymes for this half term as I feel this could be sufficiently flexible for planning across the age range but remain meaningful and stimulating (i.e. fun!)

Given that my brain has been in a fog for the 6 week holidays I could do with your help in pulling together a list of suitable rhymes plus any ideas that you may have linked to this topic.

Thank you!

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Since Im first I can do the old reliable ones


5 currant buns

5 little speckled frogs

5 elephants came out to play

5 little men in a flying saucer

5 little ducks went swimming one day

5 little wooly lambs

12345 once i caught a fish alive

2 4 6 8 mary by the cottage gate

10 in the bed

10 green bottles

this old man he played one

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Hey these are exactly what I am looking for, thank you. Thanks for the great links too.

Can you tell me where the printer friendly icon has gone so I don't have to print colours and other unnecessary bits?


Ignore that last bit I found it in a drop down options thingummy!!! silly me!

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LJW if you want to save ink you can also get your printer to print in draft rather than high quality if you go into the properties menu of your printer (that's what I do all the time!) :D

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