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Baseline Assessment For Pmld Children


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Dear All

I am a teacher in a special school and have a foundation class with children with a wide range of special needs - pmld, autistic, sld etc etc. At present I have been asked to look at "baseline" systems of profiling/recording to track pupils progress. I was just wondering if anyone had any systems in place which work well with such complex needs children?????

Many thanks in anticipation of your help.

P.S would be more than willing to share ideas, knowledge etc with anyone in a similiar situation


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Do you mean p scales and b squared and or One step at a time; supporting children's progress towards the stepping stones? Portage have profiling materials which break down development into small steps. There are quite a few asd books now with base line assessments in. In our area it is mainly p scales and Bsquared. Can't answer your question fully. :o:)

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Hiya BevL


I have a similiar group to you and we use the Kidderminster assessment checklist from Portage and The Early Communication Assessment (ECA) for pmld children then we use a lot of the NFER- Nelson assessments for the others e.g. Larr, detailed profiles for children who have significant language learning difficulties. There are others I just can't think off the top of my head.


We also use pscales and have recently started using Pivats which breaks the pscales down into even smaller achievable steps....this is much better for children with pmld.






Hope this helps a little!!! I'm a fraid because they are all so complex its a case of findng the best assessment for each indidvidual child. Ours range from pscale 2ii - 5.


Good luck and if you find a magic one size fits all let me know :o

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Thank you everyone I have a good start now, will let you know how I get on!!!!!!!! All I can say at the minute is "blinking paperwork"!!!!!! I love all that I do with the children, but paperwork is my nightmare!!!! Do others feel the same or is it just me???

Thanks again :o

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